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Are all your eggs in one basket? Here are 3 reasons to diversify your education service offering

Posted by: Evan Lewis   |   April 15, 2014   |   Topics: Business Growth, Students


Diversification. It's a charged concept in business, to be sure. It means exploring and investing in new opportunities to ensure that you're prepared for shifts in demand for your teaching services. We believe it to be prudent, given trends toward online education in your customer base, but we also recognize that both points of view are worth exploring.

On one hand, it can be looked at as an opportunity to grow your offerings and remain relevant in a changing education market. On the other, you may be fearful of it's consequences on your existing business as you focus less on what you know. But, as you spread your eggs to multiple baskets, diversifying may mean the difference between consistent and lost revenues in the near future. 

We've spoken with hundreds of education business owners in the past year, and here are the best reasons they have given us for why many of them have chosen to diversify now rather than later.

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What did traditional teaching businesses learn from the Polar Vortex?

Posted by: Andrew Rains   |   February 13, 2014   |   Topics: Online Education, Education Technology


For those of us on the eastern side of North America, this has certainly been a winter to remember. It's been cold and often snow and ice covered. There have been travel blackouts, business closures, families unable to travel by road. Whether you're a Corporate Trainer in the southern part of the US, or a Canadian running a tutoring business in Quebec, we've all been impacted by the ferocity of the Polar Vortex and other storms over the past few months.  

So, what can we learn as teaching businesses from the impact of this weather?

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How to get a great new logo for your teaching business

Posted by: Andrew Rains   |   February 12, 2014   |   Topics: Resources


With our latest themes, eProf allows you to easily feature your business' brand. But if you're just getting your business started, creating a brand and logo will likely fall down the list of priorities as you focus on building your student base and teaching classes. Ultimately, however, having a professional look to your teaching business will help your students and their parents feel as though your services are valuable before they have the chance to see it for themselves.

Luckily for you there are some excellent low-cost options available to you that you can explore right from the comfort of your home. This post will look at 2 approaches available to you for logo design and the pros and cons of using each.

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Pricing that lets Your Teaching Business Grow: eProf Announces New Basic and PRO Plans

Posted by: Andrew Rains   |   February 7, 2014   |   Topics: eProf Updates


Today we're excited to announce some BIG changes that we've been working on for the past month. In fact, you may have noticed January included some other significant changes (new integrationoffline class support) that helped lead us to this point. 

eProf Basic (FREE)

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New themes optimized to give your teaching business a boost

Posted by: Andrew Rains   |   January 22, 2014   |   Topics: eProf Updates

newthemesA great looking site is only half the battle when taking your teaching business online. What you really need is a site that helps you grow your business. Today, we're pleased to announce a few changes that we hope will help you take continue to grow your online teaching. 

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